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The abstract.0104 series started as an experiment to develop a more intuitive and creative workflow in 3D. Starting with some freely drawn NURBS curves in 3d space the following process of the image creation is a permanent dialouge between the nascent image and myself. Building surfaces from the curves by different techniques, deforming them, converting them back to curves and so on. My main target was to leave the normal constructive way of creating shapes (modeling by construting an idea/sketch) and go over to a more intuitive way like abstract painting by geting inspired from what I see. Starting by this free way gives me the base shape of the image. Once decided what to hold and what to leave I start to finetune, add details and define the overall look.
The result are floating forms with some constructive elements which can be found in most images of that series. They can be seen as a snapshot of the dialouge between the image and me.


Most of the images were created during 2004 and 2005 with Realsoft3D and Photoshop. No maths formulars has been used to create these objects/images. They are more or less hand modeled with different techniques. It's more like some kind of painting with curves in 3D.

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